Email Marketing- Let’s Get Personal

Email marketing is a great direct-to-consumer distribution channel and is a very beneficial marketing tool if it is exploited correctly. Email marketing, and the analytics that accompany it, allow us to personalise email content, resulting in higher open rates, increased conversions, and more efficient selling. At present, my company uses MailChimp to create email-marketing campaigns. … Continue reading Email Marketing- Let’s Get Personal


Web Analytics 101

‘Data without action doesn’t help anyone.’ Analytics tools are extremely beneficial for businesses as they can be used to learn more about your website visitors. However, web analytics are often misused, as businesses do not specify their goals before analysing their data. At the end of the day, you want to know if the customers … Continue reading Web Analytics 101

The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for Businesses

‘In this age of network-enhanced word of mouth communications and interconnection of consumers through social networking, media has become a catch all label for various activities that integrate technology, facilitate social interaction and provide channels to connect conversations to consumers.’ (Dahlen, 2010) In today’s world, social networking is the most popular online activity with 91% … Continue reading The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for Businesses

LinkedIn- A Chore or an Opportunity

LinkedIn- A Chore or an Opportunity Having been originally launched as a social networking platform in 2003, LinkedIn has become so much more than a networking site. With over 400 million users worldwide, LinkedIn offers a marketplace for businesses and employers, in which they can promote their business, research competitors, generate sales leads and so […]